About the Founders

We are a married couple and between us have over 15 years of experience living in intentional community. Here is a short bio of what we bring to the table:

Chris lived as an active member in a Church Community – in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1968 - 1978. This was a pivotal experience for him. Through the structure set up by its founder, and the many businesses run by the Church, Chris learned natural foods cooking and baking, type-setting, airbrush painting and many other skills. After almost ten years, Chris left the Church and found work in the “real world” for a few years, had two daughters, bought a piece of land near Mt Shasta and turned it into a thriving organic farm and nursery. After about twenty years there, and the birth of a son, Chris began itching for community again and started working on documents to support the founding of a fully 'sharing' group. His idea was to invite others to join the small farm there in Northern California. While in the midst of this process of creating By Laws etc, he discovered a group in California that had been in existence since the late 40’s and that seemed to embody many of the ideals and structures he wanted to create at “Chrysalis” (the name of his fledgling community). This group had 5,000 acres of ranch land and a full complex of private and common dwellings for its residents. Here he became the head farmer for the community and had two and a half acres of gardens, and 7,000 sq/ft of greenhouses under cultivation. He was able to provide 100% of the group’s needs for fresh produce and had a surplus valued at $5,000 annually that was donated to the local food bank. Both communities that Chris was a member of were legal Churches and had filed under ‘common purse’ status. After approximately four years, it was time to move on and Chris came to the Eugene area and has worked primarily as a handyman. Chris also is an artist. He has been an air brush painter since the days of the Bay Area community/Church and supported himself painting t-shirts and signs. Recently he’s branched out into doing original paintings Gallery and fabric art designs Gallery.

Llyn's background is largely in the areas of small-group facilitation, organization/systems design, communication and creativity coaching. She is also skilled in conflict resolution and mediation. She is a writer, singer-song-writer and graphic artist. She has worked for many years with young people as a pre-school teacher and camp counselor. She created her own major at Evergreen State College that focused on psychology and theater and how these overlap in the realm of ceremony and rites of passage. She was the Program Manager for the Sustainable Lifestyle Campaign in Portland, OR, a city-wide program that coached people in measurable behavior-change towards living more eco-friendly lifestyles. Her employer, Global Action Plan then moved her to their headquarters in Woodstock, NY where she managed other campaigns around the country and wrote and developed materials geared to sustainable living. She is a co-founder of a group that helps people connect with their creativity and leadership skills called ARTrageous. The website is http://www.artrageouscamp.com . She's been part of many alternative schools and other groups that have helped to develop her skills in group process and communication. She has made a living for many years as a personal organizer, helping people clear clutter and create space in their homes and offices which supports them to fulfill life-goals.

We welcome your questions, comments and constructive input. We can be reached at Chris and Llyn: Email