Holding All Things Common

These inspired writings came through during the winter of 1991 and address many of the issues we are now facing in the world. We welcome your feedback and comments. Feel free to forward this document to your friends. Chris - www.fullcirclefamily.blogspot.com/
Holding All Things Common

We are witnessing the greatest social and economic reformation that has ever taken place on this planet and the changes will go beyond anything we could have imagined. The human spirit IS capable of rising up to establish the new world order in the face of mounting global crises. All we need is a plan of action and the desire and will to implement it. The plan is simple and straightforward, and is nothing more or less than working toward total sharing and co-operation, worldwide. The desire arises out of our need to put an end, once and for all, to poverty, disease, crime and wars, and the will to do so lies latent in each and every one of us. The spark that ignites the will is found in the vision of what our new world shall be; in daring to dream of a world in which all of its people merge to become, as we have always been, one family on one planet, no longer divided by nation’s artificial boundaries, races, religions, private interests, etc.

This vision shall spread rapidly at this time if those of us who have reached spiritual maturity begin to ACT NOW to build the prototypes that clearly demonstrate the principle of synergy, i.e. the sum total of the whole being greater than the sum total of its parts, which is the result achieved in a communal society.

Our present capitalistic economic system can be compared to an old tire which has been patched and retreaded so many times, that we’re now putting patches over patches, all of which are leaking badly, and there is nothing more to do now than get a brand new tire.

Any effort at this time to patch up this antiquated economic system we call capitalism and its resulting negative effects of war, crime, disease and poverty will prove to be absolutely futile, a total waste of time and energy. We cannot have a true new world order using a monetary/usury system that feeds on debt and interest, and encourages competing for self-gains. The budget will never be balanced. We can never be delivered into a heaven on earth through the buying and selling of the Earth’s natural resources for profit. Our delivery will come only as we share the fruits of our common labor, a hard lesson to learn indeed, but we shall, and will wonder why it took us so long to learn this inevitable lesson.

Our regenerative, restorative and reformative efforts must now go beyond prayers and words, and on into affirmative, creative and cooperative actions designed to demonstrate the workings of a healthy and self-sustaining lifestyle embodying our inherent rights to freedom, security and abundance; our birthright as Earth’s children.

The world’s people are currently wallowing in a sea of illusions based on myths, superstitions, religious and political dogmas; perpetuated by charismatic figureheads purporting to possess some mystical connection with the universe, or some academic insights into the historical predestiny of the human race, but we mustn’t and won’t be led astray any longer. The only true leaders are those who encourage and inspire us to seek and find our own true centers as part of a sharing and giving world community so that we may aid and assist others to do the same, the ultimate result being that all people can enter a state of true and lasting peace, free from hunger, disease, war, crime, poverty, stress, fear, anger and so on.

There is no sense any longer in trying to play by the rules outlined by the present system, expecting to make any positive, long lasting changes. The little battles and law suits that we seemingly win in court through pro and con arguments, and through our political process, are like crumbs that fall from the table and onto the floor, giving us a glimpse, a mere taste, of victory. They are merely pacifiers intended to subdue our desire to have some semblance of true control over our lives. That which we refer to as “The System” is like a huge machine with the wealthy at the controls, speeding things up here, slowing things down there, in and effort to produce and control the desired commodities, i.e. good, little mindless consumers of needless articles, goods and services designed to keep us sensually sedated and believing that life couldn’t be better.

And the majority of us go for it, hook, line and sinker! We haven’t the foggiest notion that our lives could be any different or better. And those of us who do realize our bondage to this great machine often fantasize about getting away from it all, imagining a life closer to the land, where life can be simpler, cleaner, saner, and more manageable. As we fantasize such a change in our lives, we automatically register $ signs, i.e. the cost of land, building a house, utilities, and on and on! It’s time that we imagine this “Great Escape” in conjunction with others, a real and deep change of attitudes and values, a willingness to become more tolerant and supportive of human diversity dedicated and committed to focusing on human commonalities and strengths as a communal unit!

Good and Evil are each halves of the same thing. That which we call evil is created by that which is missing in what we call good. The so-called “Good life” or the “American Dream” couldn’t possibly be reached by all, since there simply isn’t enough to go around. Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone privately owned a yacht, private tennis courts, Lear jet, summer house in the tropics, etc.! There wouldn’t be room to turn around! This game of life, as it is being played now, is more like the game of monopoly, wberein the winner is able to shrewdly acquire the greatest wealth, and therefore power, based on little more than the roll of the dice. In this so-called “real world’ the so-called “winners”, the wealthy privileged few, have not necessarily acquired their wealth and power because of any greater measure of virtue, morality, good sense or humanity. Just a lucky roll of the dice.

But those who are not wealthy in material things should by no means covet their neighbor’s goods, for we are only possessed by those things ‘which we privately possess. The so-called rich man carries a heavy burden because the spirit cannot be truly free when burdened with the concern of protecting wealth, whereas in a communal society, where all material things are held in common by all people, the burden, if any, is equally distributed and shared!

We often hear the complaints about how some flaw in our economic system is responsible for unemployment, higher interest rates, rising prices, on and on, but the economic system is NOT the cause of our problems, but rather a symptom of a much deeper problem within each of us. We evolved this system to legitimize our longing for control over others and of material things; land, energy, etc. This system exists and will ultimately fail, because WE haven’t yet learned to “give and receive” equitably. This system results in winners and losers; and some of the so-called “winners” even feel sorry for the “losers.” But do they let go of anything they possess to begin to close the gap between “haves” and “have nots”? It does happen, but more as an exception than a rule! We’ve become so accustomed to “business as usual,” the status quo buying and selling of merchandise for profit, that we can’t imagine how we could live without money in the bank, or C.D.’s drawing usury/interest, etc. It’s almost as if we just assume without question that it couldn’t be any other way. We, as humans, up until this time, have fallen short of the mark as a species, and as spiritual beings, but are now at the crossroads, at a turning point, a time of rediscovery. We admire, even praise and worship, the great leaders such as Gandhi or Jesus, keep their pictures and books in our homes to supposedly inspire us to become better people, and yet if we would just stop a minute to examine the reality of how these two men lived on the Earth we would find that we have been merely fantasizing and romanticizing about them, choosing to ignore the examples they set while on Earth, for they did not seek after material possessions, or make any efforts to acquire and protect wealth. We remember these men for their “wholiness”, the strength of their convictions, but tend to skip over those specific teachings which require US to be as strong, and to rise above those desires within us that divide us, and put us at odds with our fellow humans and all other species. Because we chose to ignore these and other teachings, is the reason we have this present economic system, which, again, is failing miserably. It’s time we scrap the whole thing, wipe the slate clean, “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors”, start all over with a “new heart and a new mind” and a new paradigm, proclaiming the beginning of the end of all that ails us, and the beginning of an Age of Awakening from a slumbering nightmare.

All that has gone before cannot be changed. What’s done is done, but someday it may all be revealed to us that it all happened as part of some greater Divine Plan, and we have merely been players in a play. Perhaps this has all been a great rehearsal, and NOW we are once again being given the opportunity as a race, to become the writers, directors and producers as well as having the leading roles, in the Final Act. Will we choose to make it a Happy Ending, where we all live happily ever after? Will we allow for a sequel?

The “cost of living” is indeed a very bizarre concept when you think about it from a spiritual point of view! Imagine that, for all these eons of receiving fresh air, water and sunlight, as well as free room and board on Planet Earth, we have never once received a bill from the Universe. What if God, if you will, decided to get into the usury business of marketing his/her/its life support system? Imagine how our “cost of living” would rise if we were required to pay up for all the sun’s energy we’ve been receiving up until now, or be threatened with having the sun shut off. This is an analogy to illustrate how far from the Truth this whole man-made, buying and selling system is!

When are we going to come into alignment with the principles by which the rest of the Cosmos operates, replacing our self-imposed bondage to indebtedness and materialism, with a self-sustaining system that will afford us ALL the “God” given rights to True Freedom, Security and Abundance? The Earth itself shall not perish, although species have been known to go extinct in the past due to their inability to change and adapt to the Earth’s changing conditions, or more recently in our history, their inability to escape the march of human “progress”. Shall this “human progress” be the cause of our own extinction?

Prayer is the sowing of mental “seeds” into the Earth’s electromagnetic “field,” or aura. Thought is energy and therefore has a force capable of manifesting itself on the material plane. Many people use prayer for self-gains; health, prosperity, love relationships, etc. This type of prayer does not fully tap the potential forces of Nature/God to bring about a healing process for all people. Our Thoughts or Prayers do indeed go forth to accomplish the things for which they are sent. We, as Spiritual Beings, are the organs or vehicles through which the Universe/God manifests its Creation. Knowing this, we must, in our meditations, monitor our Thought Forms and only send forth those which affirm our Oneness, carefully guarding against the release of negative judgments of persons, places and things. By aligning ourselves with the greater healing forces of God’s Nature, which are for all people’s benefit, we become much more effective Healers and Workers on the Inner Spiritual Planes, and by forming an alliance with others of this powerful realization, our abilities to bring about Global healing becomes magnified a thousandfold.

Along with an increasing spiritual awareness comes an increasing sense of obligation. In other words, the higher and more spiritually aware we become, the more negative energy we shall attract to be balanced and healed. Many people seem to believe that being spiritually heightened requires the ability to block out the world around, the ability to avoid interpersonal conflicts, the ability to make “light” of the sufferings of others, but this is a philosophy of non-involvement, or task-avoidance, and is based on the illusion that we can be separate from all that surrounds us, at will. Many forms of meditation are really nothing more than methods and techniques designed to act as self hypnosis. These techniques/disciplines are sometimes seen by people as helpful in that they allow us to “cope” with the harshness and confusion of the world around us and its so-called “realities”, but they are little more than methods by which we are treating the symptoms of a fragmented society, allowing us to avoid the greater task of removing the true causes of stress, disorientation, dis-integration. Through these types of meditation we are merely delaying the inevitable and deep reformation that must, and shall, occur. If we are to become effective as spiritual people, then in our meditations, we must begin to ask to be shown what we can do, individually and collectively, to expedite the healing process on this Earth. Each of us has a part to play, and it’s time to show our maturity and responsibility as stewards of the planet, instead of avoiding everything that could be seen as controversial, too idealistic, too difficult to accomplish, or a personal inconvenience. We must find strength in numbers as a stable communal group wherein the producers and consumers become the same people, striving to eliminate the need for money and employment in the present system, much like the Pilgrims attempted in their thirteen original colonies. We shall become as Pilgrims, as Pioneers of a New Paradigm, and in our “holding all things common”, the strength to persevere shall come to us greater than ever before, for we shall have the backing and support of the greatest system of all, the system that creates and maintains all life, all things. And in our meditations we must never forget that we do are for ALL people, and ALL other species. None shall be excluded unless they exclude themselves.

We shall learn to see through and beyond the differences that exist amongst the people of the Earth, and learn to focus squarely on the things that bind us together, giving us a common ground as human beings. In reality, we ALL live on the same common ground, Earth, even though it appears on the surface that we live on separate continents. All continents join together under the oceans. We ALL breathe the same air and drink the same water, and we ALL have need of food, clothing, shelter, care, recreation, communication, transportation, and energy. So, let us strive to put aside our differences long enough to grasp the scope of these commonalities. And then, let us encourage and utilize our differences in a manner that promotes and maintains PEACEFUL diversity, with wide varieties of opportunity for expression and experience, for each of us, and a broadened understanding of the interdependence of all things, working together for the common good.

“It costs money to live,” is another of our bizarre bits of wisdom as is “Time is money.” Whose big idea was it to feed us this line of absurdity? It’s time to question the validity of such so-called Facts of Life.

We have been conditioned to see nature as a violent world from which we are set apart. Have we ever stopped to consider the possibility that the other species got along just fine, with a minimum of what we call violence, before we barged in like so many bulls in a china shop, and began to destroy the delicate balance that had been in place for eons, cutting off migratory routes, causing more creatures to live off of less land, interfering with instinctual and territorial habits, making spawning grounds for fish all but inaccessible, and on and on. And then we have the audacity to shoot and kill or otherwise drive away or destroy those creatures whose birthrights we have taken from them if they are unwelcome on “our land.” And all this, while we go merrily about the business of destroying our own environments, even passing laws and establishing enforcement agencies that protect our rights to do so. And what do we claim as our defense?

Temporary Insanity, perhaps? Fair enough! But NOW what are we going to do about the harm we’ve done to this beautiful planet we call home, its creatures, and not least of all, ourselves? We should be so very grateful for the privilege of living here that we would be lining up to become part of a communal group working to restore this jewel of a planet to its natural state.

What is being proposed herein as a solution to our problems goes far beyond the mere restoration of Constitutional Rights. It calls for much deeper changes, a complete over-hauling of our basic morals, values, and beliefs. When reduced to the essence, these writings propose the replacement of the “buying and selling” paradigm with that of “giving and receiving” with no conditions, compromises, or strings attached.

The money game we play is based on getting for one’ self; the new game we shall play, in which everyone wins, is based on giving as much as we can to all people, and in return, ALL THINGS shall be added unto us.

The only moment in history that we need concern ourselves with is this one, the NOW moment. NOW is when our decisions, choices, and actions really matter. NOW is the only time we have any influence at all. From this moment on, we experience countless NOW moments. We embrace each and every one, affirming the Oneness of us all by acting accordingly. We speak of Oneness to others, guarding against back-sliding into the dualities of “we and they,” blacks and whites, Americans and foreigners, good and evil. In our meditations we picture the world as one whole, we visualize all nations melted together as One Family. And most of all, we strive to join with others to immediately begin building such a world, by setting an example.

We must LOVE all people, but that doesn’t mean that we have to LIKE or accept all the things that people do! Inasmuch as we all believe that what we are doing is right, through one form of rationalization or another, we must refrain from passing negative judgments. Rather, we need to find what is missing in what we call good, allowing for abhorrent behaviors in people and strive to build upon goodness until it becomes whole, for as long as there is even a single person on the earth who is hungry, sick, alone, homeless or naked, we are all diminished.

The task which we face seems, at times, to be overwhelming and impossible to accomplish. But if we can just muster the strength and courage to take the first step, the second step becomes a little easier, just as a young child learning to walk. We can’t expect to fix everything at once, we must begin at the beginning, with ourselves. Each of us is a key person in the Greater Plan and by deciding to link up with others we begin to create an irresistible movement in the right direction. The awareness and energy is already beginning to grow in strength, and by deciding to take action NOW we touch a chord buried deep within each person with whom we come into contact, and by living in the essence of Truth, we become a catalyzing force for our New Age. Knowing the Truth is not enough. Living by it is essential, if we are all to be set free. Living by the Truth means nothing short of working towards sharing all the world. We’ve pretty much exhausted all other avenues of change and reform, and having arrived at a point at which the establishment’s proposed solutions to our world’s problems are so complex, isn’t it about time we give sharing a chance? It’s the ONLY thing we haven’t tried. Certainly we could figure out a simple, regional solution to living that would satisfy the basic human needs of all the people.

To those who say “it wouldn’t work, it goes against human nature,” we say, “The effects of hunger, crime, war and disease also go against human nature.” All people desire health and happiness, prosperity, affection, friends and family, creative expression, etc. But up until now we never realized that by building an economy based on sharing, we could ALL have more quality and quantity in our lives than we could by living in a system based on looking out for #1”. Imagine a world set up as one great corporation, with all of us being equal shareholders, with no need for money as a motivation.

Without a worldwide change of heart and mind, any attempts at lasting solutions to the world’s problems will continue to be piecemeal, and therefore, only temporary fixes. Trying within the status quo governments and economies, is absolutely futile, a dead-end street. If it could work, wouldn’t we have it figured out by now? Will we choose to fight ‘til the death for the self-declared “right” to pursue our own individual self interests, continuing to ignore the inequities that exist among our fellow humans? Presently, economies struggling to survive, are simply juggling funds, taking from one program to shore up another, the old “robbing Peter to pay Paul” syndrome. Soon both Peter AND Paul will go broke!

An economic system that encourages competition and profit-motivation is NOW proving itself to be a self-defeating system. And the only people who would argue otherwise are those who have somehow managed to insulate themselves through excess accumulations of wealth, or who dream of doing so. On a global scale we have relatively few who do not have to struggle daily to put food on their tables, clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads. But we’re not used to looking at things on a global scale. We don’t want to know about the sufferings of others. And we don’t want someone reminding us that these conditions exist because we feel that it’s a “guilt trip’ being put upon us. How sad!

How utterly sad to think that we have become so desensitized to the world around us! The meanings of the statements “I need” and “I want” have become virtually indistinguishable to the point where the statement, “I want, therefore I need…” expresses the commonly held belief of the average consumer.

If we do not rise above this adolescent mentality NOW even the “privileged few” will see strife and suffering never before imagined, for those who have the most, have the most to lose. We are possessed by that which we possess, and to a wealthy person the thought of losing money, power, and prestige is enough to drive them to insanity. As the struggling masses become increasingly agitated over living conditions that seem inescapable, the threat of civil uprising directed at these privileged few shall become a reality.

This is nature’s way, the Karmic Law of Cause and Effect, part of the Greater Plan for the preliminary stages of the social rebalancing that must occur before the New Age can come into its fullness, but we do not condone or participate in any forms of violence or aggression, and would rather see the people act democratically and through common sense to bring about positive change.

Ours shall be a movement based on passive resistance, on demonstrating workable alternatives to competition and the buying and selling of Earth’s bounty. We needn’t fear the impending chaos we shall witness during these transitional times. Rather we must come together and put into place the Natural Laws that will govern our New World Order, allowing us to rise above the chaos and confusion. Many people are seeking an alternative and we must be there for them with open minds, hearts, and arms, and an alternative they can become part of. Our plan must be laid out in simple language that ALL can understand; nothing cosmic, mystical, or occult.

We must always envision coming together, one family of beings and species, one planet on which all people share in the abundance which has been provided to us by our Creator. We must resist any efforts to establish exclusionary practices based on religion or spiritual beliefs, politics, race, etc. And we must do it NOW!

Truth and Knowledge emanates from each and every molecule and atom, and is all-pervasive in all space. There is no need to seek IT “out there”, “over there,” or from any other source apart from ourselves. We have been misled for ages to believe that Truth and Knowledge can only be reached by going through someone else, through the middlemen we call priests, gurus, ascended masters, etc. Any TRUE leader(s) would GIVE us (at no charge) the simple and basic TRUTHS by which we can discover all the rest, for reality indeed has its roots firmly embedded in simplicity. Truth Is SO simple in fact, that we most often overlook it, believing that there must be more to it than that. We’ve been so conditioned to see Truth as being enshrouded in great mysteries, far beyond the mental grasp of mere mortals. Why would a Creator subject us to an existence wherein we are required to decode life’s meanings in order to advance spiritually? Is the “Creator” playing some kind of game with us, or are we the ones who concocted the game out of our own ignorance?

Life is meant to be a simple arrangement, a sharing, caring, supportive, creative and self-sustaining existence. Why must we “muck it up” with our wheeling and dealing and petty, self-serving pursuits? Life for all of us, could and shall be at last, as it was intended to be. We have nearly finished paying our dues and will soon be free and clear. We have only one more big “balloon payment” to make, one final exam to pass before we graduate from our elementary schooling and become qualified to practice what we teach. As we identify ourselves with the simple Truth that sets us all free, and then make the choice to “live by” this simple Truth for the betterment of all, we are, at last, going forth Into the “Real World”.

Human beings are a part of nature, and therefore, subject to her laws. While we humans run to and fro attempting to negotiate, legislate, mediate and meditate our way out of socioeconomic ruin, nature is hard at work correcting the imbalances which we humans have created.

Consider for a moment that humans are the ONLY species whose very survival and success is measured in terms of PROFITS, individual self-gains. Humans have passed laws to protect the so-called “rights” of individuals to acquire wealth, property, and power without limitations, many even “making a living” providing no real essential services or goods, only living by means of usury, acquiring more than a human being could ever hope to use in a lifetime, while vast numbers of people live in sickness, poverty and utter despair. Could it be that nature, God, Gaia or whatever we choose to call it, has provided all species with enough of everything to go around, and that humans have always chosen to be absolutely self-serving, thereby creating the “Illusion” of over-population? In other words, could it be that with a widespread change of heart, with a new age of conscience and compassion, that many of the major problems that we face today could be eliminated? Could it be that a simple concept like holding all things common could provide the simple solution? And what are the chances that humans will anytime soon choose cooperation, compassion and sharing, over competition and greed? It’s not looking very promising, but we mustn’t give up hope!

In these end times of this dying world order and its false economics, the people will be brought about to realize that life as it has been known has been based on greed, vanity and a need to control, all of which are closely tied together in a web of deception. Vanity is a blinding spiritual disease, wherein a person believes that he or she IS the body, and great effort goes into its adornments, alterations and packaging, focusing attention on the body facade. There seems to be an epidemic of “competing for attention” or a form of “sibling rivalry” being played out in the human family with its adolescent mentality as it runs headlong into what would seem to be a disaster of unprecedented proportions.

What can be done to avert the pain and suffering, the “weeping and gnashing of teeth” that will occur and is NOW occurring as we make this great transition from one age to another, like the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, or the Phoenix rising out of its own ashes? Perhaps nothing can be done at this late hour. Most people don’t even see the change happening and are in a state of denial, believing the old false paradigm that life is about making money, “owning” a piece of the earth, protecting it, getting ahead of your neighbor, competition, one-upsmanship, etc. If this is the only way to live then why isn’t it working? Even the “privileged” few who have acquired the bulk of the world’s wealth cannot insulate themselves from what is to come. How can a paradigm that creates suffering and despair, hunger and war, poverty and disease be perpetuated any longer??

The planet earth is indeed a living, breathing being, a Mother of many children of varied species with varied needs and purposes, all interdependent, none expendable. The Mother does not favor the human species, the only species that attempts to dominate and control, even eliminate other species, the only one that poisons the air, water and soil essential to the continuation of all life. What’s a Mother to do? We are NOW beginning to see the negative effects of our senseless causes. It is doubtful that any lasting and meaningful changes will occur through the passage of laws, through negotiations or summit meetings, or any other human means. Except for a select enlightened few, the rebalancing and healing of the Earth which has already begun, will appear as great plagues, so-called natural disasters, which will sweep over the Earth in great, unrelenting waves, faster than humans can apply the temporary fix that has been so customary, in order to squeeze out one more dollar. We’ve gotten used to a planet with predictable weather patterns, and the producers of our food have had a pretty easy time of it up to now. From here on out food production will become increasingly difficult. We now have super-resistant strains of plant pathogens and insects emerging on the scene just as regulations are being put into place to restrict or eliminate the usage of the “chemicals of warfare” that have been developed to fight them, again, with profit being the motivation.

We will see the beef, dairy and poultry industries all but vanish as dwindling water supplies are diverted in an attempt to save native fish populations and large scale agriculture. We will also see new virulent strains of disease-bearing viruses and bacteria sweep through and eliminate vast numbers of these mutant creatures we call cattle and poultry.

The outlook for the future can appear to be pretty grim at times, and indeed it shall be, for those who choose to resist the changes which are inevitable. And what are these changes? They are nothing short of those which erase the barriers which have kept us separate and apart from each other and nature as co-habitants of the Earth. The first thing that must fade away is our belief that we must compete with our fellow humans for our livelihood. Who can deny that, through sharing and cooperation, all our lives could be enriched and that our precious natural resources could be better utilized to meet the needs of the Earth’s entire population? We must abandon the idea that we have some God or man-given right to have more than our share, more than our fellow humans. At this very moment many millions of people starve, have no shelter, go naked, are in need of medical care, while the so-called privileged few attempt to keep alive an economic system that affords them the time to play golf, etc. When will the human species evolve a moral and spiritual conscience and rise up to proclaim this condition an injustice?

It appears that humans can only change (save for an exceptional few) when facing crisis situations. Will we rise to the occasion and put a final end to the insufferable greed, insensitivity, vanity, etc. that we have lived with throughout these past ages? Will we join together in the true spirit of family and make it our primary goal to see to it that all our family members have food, clothing, shelter, care, recreation, communications and energies, daily, and from this point on? Out of crisis can come many opportunities.

In order to implement a solution to what is perceived as the problem, the problem must be recognized for what it is, not merely the symptoms but the TRUE cause. For example, when we say that we have an overpopulation problem on the Earth, we assume that there aren’t enough of I\life’s basic essentials to go around, and that’s assuming that an economic system which permits some people to win and some to lose is an acceptable system. This paradigm is in itself the cause of all the world’s problems. As long as it’s “every man for himself” the so-called “winners” will take advantage of the so-called “losers.” This results in an inequitable distribution of the Earth’s natural resources, thus giving the false impression of over-population.

All things are indeed intricately inter-connected. The world condition and its seemingly complex problems are like a house of cards, very delicate and unstable. Remove the right card and the whole structure will tumble. This, in effect, is what we must do in order for any lasting healing to occur. The buying and selling of merchandise and services for profit is nothing short of what we call the proverbial root of all evil. It could be debated for eons that such a system of living exists due to a flaw of some sort in human nature, but like it or not, it IS the proverbial thorn in the side of us all. We can only begin to truly “profit” when we abandon this system based on greed, vanity, insecurity, and adopt the natural system of sharing and cooperation, for this IS the unwritten natural law of survival and true spirituality and the ridiculously simple solution to all our self-imposed and artificial problems.

Knowing the cause of our problems, it’s easy to see what is in store for the Earth if the required changes aren’t made NOW! There’s nothing prophetic in saying that 2+2 will equal 4, any more than saying that greed and selfishness + usury and profiteering = decay and destruction. Conversely, common sense + sharing and cooperation = Freedom, Security and Abundance for the Earth and all its species.

The system of economics we call capitalism consists of a very few people who produce the true essentials, etc. Then there’s a very large segment of people who produce nothing essential, who “make a living” as middlemen, and finally a very few who skim the cream off the top, who have acquired such an excess of wealth that they can live luxuriously on the usury interest that their money generates. And the truly astonishing and appalling part of it is, the vast majority of these people believe that what they are doing is right, and have not a clue that life could be any other way. We mustn’t judge anyone as being “good or evil” but must instead put in place a system of living that allows all people to begin to realize their fullest potentials as spiritual beings.

We need a vision and a plan that in no way excludes anyone. Our Plan must be based on One-ness and the inter-dependence of all things, for if it does not, if we persist in this notion of good and evil, we and they, blacks and whites, rich and poor, of separate nations, races, religions, politics, social classes, etc. then we are destined to repeat our worst mistakes. Its time for True Global Awareness, and time for us to act accordingly. We must accept and encourage the diversities of people while working to strengthen our commonalities. We must define those things which we ALL have in common, and each of us must find the way(s) in which we can contribute to the good of the whole, for what is good for the whole is good for its parts. Let’s arrange our needs according to priority. We ALL need food, pretty much every day, to sustain our bodies. Without it we can be of little usefulness to anyone. No one with any sensibility would argue this point! But why hasn’t this been accomplished? Why do we bother trying to ignore this necessary task when it is at the very foundation of a global effort to save our planet? Why haven’t our world’s leaders, supported by the world’s people, banded together to solve this problem? The reason is clear: no PROFITS can be made feeding the hungry, which brings us back to square one. The motivation for profit-making must somehow be transcended and dissolved. If we don’t do it through self-motivated action, the natural law of cause and effect will do it for us, the hard way. Natural resources are limited; the Earth is a very limited source, the only source, of those things which make our lives possible.

The rebalancing of our Earth is underway, and none of us will find an easy time of it. We’ve had many chances throughout our history to make changes and have always chosen to take the path of least resistance, only putting off, for a time, the inevitable.

What we now refer to as the U.S. of A. was founded by a group of rebels, dissidents, hippies of their time, who chose to escape from “usury, coveting and priest craft”. They faced, with zealous passion the work of building a different life for themselves in this new land. Out of their hunger for change, thirteen colonies were built without the aid of credit cards, banks or any other financial institutions. They were built by hard-working men, women and children who had entirely abandoned the use of money. That’s where this country had its roots. But the temptation for economic growth and expansion, the seemingly inescapable desire to have more, opened the doors to the old world bankers, and “usury” once again became deeply entrenched in our minds and lives. The rest is history. Now we come to the time when we cannot rebel and escape to some far away new land out of the reaches of a tainted socioeconomic, military-industrial complex. The Earth is, at last, being seen for what it is, a small and finite place to live. Now the only thing left to do is to dig in, live in place, and begin making changes in our world from the inside out. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. This is it, here, now, this very moment. And all that is keeping us from the wonderful things in ‘which we can all share, is our own reluctance to open up to one another in a spirit of Humility, True Love and Sharing. Either all of us win, or none of us win. There is no “we and they;” only US!

There was a time when society saw a communal movement as a threat, a communist plot to overthrow the establishment. Perhaps it failed because it became polarized and thought of itself as a separate faction opposing the system, but in Truth, communal living can be the only solution to today’s global crisis, and there’s room in it for everyone. Living communally is more than just a bunch of people throwing everything in the pot, more than a structureless anarchy. It’s a truly democratic system set up for the EQUITABLE distribution of goods and services of the people, by the people, and for the people. No money changes hands, only goods and services. The communal body decides which of these are essential and which are not, therefore no excesses are produced on speculation, and no advertising is needed to create an artificial demand. All goods and services are of the highest qualities, and are designed to service the maximum numbers of people using the most efficient amounts of energy. Working environments are set up to minimize stress, waste and duplication of efforts, resulting in the increase of leisure time to explore and develop potentials made available to each and every member of the communal body. People are free to pursue their natural calling(s) whether it be in food production and preparation, mechanics, plumbing, construction, music, education, clothing manufacture or any other art form which we need to enrich our lives.

Presently most of us think of “work” as a four letter word, something which we must “grin and bear”. This disappears in a communal lifestyle. Work becomes the vehicle for our creativity, expression and self-worth. And if there are undesirable tasks to perform, at least we know that we can share the burden.

We have more to forget than we have to learn. When we realize this, our mental efforts shift away from formal education and a quest for greater knowledge, and toward a sort of mental housecleaning, a process by which we work to simplify and organize the jumbled mess floating around inside us, discarding those values, ideals, prejudices, that keep us in bondage; and then we free ourselves to begin to serve one another in meaningful ways, instead of trying to maintain a “competitive edge”.

How does one go about forming a communal group? Good question. Perhaps the best place to start once the decision has been made to do so, is to begin communicating these intentions to our immediate friends and family. Be realistic, and identify the obstacles and difficulties, as well as the benefits and advantages. At some point the decision must be made to make a solid and uncompromising commitment to working through the rough times, and there WILL be some rough times, but the greatest mistake to be made is in not going ALL THE WAY into true communal living, which is holding ALL THINGS in common, in a structured way, of course. There will be many meetings and discussions regarding how this will be done and all participants must be fully willing to be completely up front in all ways. The larger the initial founding group, the greater its assets, both in the way of talents as well as material goods/finances. The group would want to begin by making a thorough inventory of these skills and goods to determine as a group the physical structure that would best incorporate the “haves “ and “needs” of the group. For example, if each member had an automobile, the group may decide to keep only enough to adequately serve the group’s needs. The purchase of items which the group could not yet produce for itself could all be combined into a weekly trip to market in one vehicle by one or two persons. It’s easy to see the efficiency factor in this sort of arrangement; i.e. reduced gas and oil consumption, reduced maintenance, insurance, registration fees, etc. And many items can be purchased in bulk, meaning additional savings as well as reduced usage of wasteful packaging materials.

Any vehicles that are no longer needed could then be sold or traded for goods, supplies or materials which the group doesn’t yet have. This principle can also apply to sewing machines, power tools, stereo equipment, appliances and so on.

Handbook: The group would want to develop a Master Plan, organized around the framework of basic human needs; that is, FOOD, CLOTHING, SHELTER, CARE, RECREATION, TRANSPORTATION, COMMUNICATIONS and ENERGY. Each one of these basic facets would be facilitated initially by those people who have shown themselves to be best suited by virtue of their abilities and experience. For example, experienced farmers and gardeners would naturally be in charge of food production, tailors and seamstresses would co-ordinate the production of clothing. Carpenters, plumbers, and electricians would be responsible for housing and shelters and their maintenance, and so on. And these coordinators would be in a position to willingly teach their skills to any interested members of the group. Environments would be set up and furnished with the best available tools and equipment, which have been brought together and held in common by the group. All members would benefit by having access to each and every, what we call, “School of Experience” (S.O.E.’s) through the structure of a “shift schedule”. This schedule would be made up of all members contributing to the efficient functioning of all these essential S.O.E.’s. Members would put in their scheduling requests on a weekly basis to the scheduling committee and an effort would be made to honor each member’s request whenever possible. In this way each person could rotate through any or all S.O.E.’s and gain a deeper awareness of how all things in a communal society are interrelated.

In a communal society each person or nuclear family maintains private quarters and their own personal effects, such as clothing, musical instruments, special books and so on, and all members are asked to respect the privacy of others.

Each group will, more than likely, decide to agree upon certain rules for the group to follow, such as, quiet time between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., number of hours per week active service to maintain efficient operations of basic support systems, methods by which children are taught basic skills (reading, writing, math, etc.). Rules are needed that promote stability, consideration of others, healthy communications, the prevention of unnecessary duplication of efforts: in general, the rules are intended to provide a structure through which all members are best served and afforded opportunities to express their individual as well as collective creativity.

Conflicts (communication) can, and do, arise from time to time and can usually be resolved amongst the individuals themselves if the sincere effort is made, realizing that the strength of the whole depends upon the strength of its parts. Occasionally, when these conflicts cannot be resolved in this manner, individuals can usually benefit greatly by airing their grievances before the rest of the group, in a spirit of loving, caring, and healing, in a family way. The group must arrange to have regular meetings/gatherings, during which time is set aside to clear the air of any necessary matters requiring the loving support of the group. Conflicts must never be allowed to go unresolved for long periods of time, just as an infection in our bodies must not be neglected. Care and attention needs to be applied in ways that promote healing, for the greater good of the whole as well as its parts. This concept in practice applies globally as well as locally.

In a communal complex, one of the most important functions and, as well, social events, revolves around meal times. This is made most efficient by the scheduling of one or two people per meal to prepare the food for the entire group. And depending on the size of the group, persons could cook as often or as little as they prefer, or as necessary. Imagine how much time is spent in shopping, meal preparation, and clean-up in our present living arrangement. And imagine the variety made available by living communally.

Shopping for food could be all but eliminated by developing an efficient communal farming S.O.E. The cook would simply plan the meal, and submit a list of produce needs to the garden coordinator, who would, in turn, see to it that the items be gathered and/or harvested and delivered to the communal kitchen at the appropriate time of day. Simple: no money exchanges, few trips to the market, superb freshness and quality, and meals shared with an extended family who possess a deeper understanding of where their food comes from, and how it is provided.

Another valuable addition to a communal environment would be the “community clothes closet (C.C.C), perhaps a small room in one of the communal dwellings, equipped with dowels or clothes racks, shelving and even a washing machine, ironing board, and a sewing machine for quick repairs. Excess or outgrown clothing items, fabrics, shoes, boots, hats, gloves, coats, etc., would be sorted and displayed and made available to all members. Damaged items or clothing and fabric scraps could be recycled into patchwork quilts, braided rugs, etc. The goal in our communal projects is to achieve maximum efficiency and utilization of all resources, with minimal contributions to the waste stream now choking our landfills. A person would be scheduled, as needed, to keep the C.C.C. organized.

Another essential facet or S.O.E. would be the woodworking shop. Here the group’s furniture, shelving, toys, etc., would be crafted, and all related repairs would be made. Working with wood is especially attractive to the older children, who would find great pleasure in building wooden toys, bird houses, toy chests, etc., and would be carefully instructed and supervised by the adults. The wood shop would also be the hub for the group’s major construction projects and would be designed to house all of the appropriate tools and supplies. Lumber would be salvaged whenever possible, and would utilize scrap wood in projects with the children. Of course, children would always be encouraged to work and create right alongside the adults in any of the S.0.E.’s whenever possible, and as their interest and abilities would allow.

A mechanic/auto repair facility is also very important. For those who are gifted with a love for machines, a well-equipped and organized shop with all the necessary tools is a pleasure in which to work.

Maintenance of the group’s vehicles, as well as their usage, would be scheduled in order to maintain the highest levels of safety, fuel efficiency and cleanliness. Here again, we create another excellent opportunity for group members, if they are so inclined, to gain first-hand experience and knowledge in another valuable skill.

Communal projects will be formed, either as a result of common sense and foresight, or out of necessity, as our present socioeconomic system decays. Many do not yet want to believe that the system is failing; they having their heads buried in the sand. Any sensible person who keeps abreast of world events can clearly see the increasing occurrence of natural disasters, starvation, disease, poverty, war, ecological destruction and economic failures. Anyone who is not already convinced of a need for some deep change would probably not be reading this, for this book is for those who have opened their eyes, hearts and minds and have already begun to seek change. We haven’t much in the way of contemporary models after which to pattern, and few ready-made projects exist of which to become part. Therefore, our communal projects will be done in place, starting from the ground up.

If there are any “profits” generated by communal industries such as organic farming, natural foods restaurants, clothing manufacturing, carpentry, etc., these profits are not to be made by individuals, but rather by the entire group. Excess profits, after meeting all other necessary operating expenses, can best be spent in an effort to reduce or eliminate fixed expenses. All of these important decisions are made by the entire group. Some examples: To eliminate the need for buying electricity, we could set ourselves up with wind, solar or turbine power. To eliminate buying honey, we could buy beehives. To eliminate propane/natural gas, we could build a methane digester. To eliminate buying fruit, we could buy fruit trees, strawberry and raspberry vines. And the list goes on and on. This form of giving/receiving/sharing economy soon stabilizes and affords all of its participants enhanced freedoms, long-lasting security, a renewable abundance of life’s essentials and becomes a model of true Natural Living.

Nature’s economy far out-performs any that humans have artificially designed. Let’s use a simple kernel of corn to form an analogy. A kernel of corn contains within itself all of the essentials of life and growth, and if planted, watered and cared for, that one kernel has the potential to return one thousandfold on the investment. And if those one thousand kernels are planted the following season, that’s 1,000 x 1,000 on the investment. Do any of today’s financial institutions promise that sort of economic growth?

IN-dependence is the old paradigm, INTER-dependence is the new. Interdependence is the rule in all things; whereas separation, fragmentation, nationalism, racism etc. are the results of our not viewing our planet and all life on it as INTER-dependent. Any time that we divide people, property and land, etc., into fragments and factions, we weaken the integrity of the One, the Whole, and therefore weaken its parts. The Earth is one ecosystem consisting of over-lapping and inter-dependent bio-regions, defined by nature’s boundaries, mountains, oceans, climates, etc.

If we hold certain values and ideals which in some ways criticize the unreasonable, illogical, vain and self-centered shallowness of the consumer-oriented society of today, even though we do so out of love and a genuine concern, we will most certainly be occasionally misunderstood, which may lead us into time of sadness and feelings of alienation and futility.

During these times take comfort in knowing that we can, and shall, help to repair the fragmented lives of others, only by attending to the building of a workable alternative. Most of us learn by example. Many people in this country and around the world are beginning to close in on the solutions to our problems. We are obviously among those who desire a more meaningful co-existence. Know that we are not alone. We are beginning to move forward, taking with us only the best of the Old World Order.

Know that, with each passing season, our lives will become enriched by our consistent efforts, as long as we strive to work in harmony with Nature’s Laws and Dynamics. As we build the soil’s fertility, we will harvest and consume nourishment that will increasingly improve our vigor, clarity of mind, patience and love of life. We will learn to place our trust and faith in the regenerative powers of the creative life forces that surround and permeate every cell of our bodies, as well as all other living and non-living things.

Practice seeing the Earth as a living organism, inhabited by diverse life forms, interacting and interdependent, all part of the one larger organism. Perceive all that is outside of us as an extension of ourselves. Know that all life breathes the same air, and drinks of the same water. Know that national and regional boundaries exist only on paper, that only natural divisions exist; i.e. rivers, lakes, oceans, mountains etc. Accept the fact that there is only one race, the human race, and that we are to treat each other as one family.

And know that all of our needs have been provided for us by our Creator, and that our greatest task as people is to see to it that all of our global family members are sufficiently cared for, through the proper distribution of Nature’s Abundance.

We need to pull together ALL of our assets, talents and skills, and begin to live a revolutionary lifestyle, one based on simplicity, thriftiness and common sense. Daily we all make choices regarding how we spend our time and money, and many of the choices we make do nothing to add unto the social and/or spiritual progress of humanity. We all seem to be stuck in a groove, on a merry-go-round of living day to day, only temporarily satisfying our body urges and vain pursuits of happiness, while lining someone else’s pocketbook with profits. This is commonly referred to as consumerism.

Rapidly we will use up all of our options, explore all possibilities for change and reform, all without giving up the capitalistic system we’ve become so accustomed to. And as the American Dream turns into a nightmare, and the wolves show up on our doorsteps, then at last we might consider taking the big plunge, the only option that will work, and that’s “holding all things common.”

This idea of Sharing is the foundation of any true communal society. Anything short of holding ALL things common, would be called something else; a co-operative, a collective, a network etc. Why is this idea so frightening to most people? Sharing isn’t such a terrible thing, is it? It’s just one of those things we’ve never been conditioned with, unlike buying and selling, and therefore it’s unfamiliar to us, and goes against the moral (or immoral) values of our society. Sure, people seem to share, but it’s such a surface sharing, and has a lot of conditions attached to it. A person loaning money to a close friend in need is not sharing. Sharing, like love, is giving without thought of remuneration. Giving something dear to someone you’ve never met, or to someone you know, without thought of payback, would be considered True Sharing and True Love.

Total and unconditional love through sharing is the highest manifestation of our Oneness; anything less results in the formation of artificial boundaries between people, places and thing, which ultimately lead us into warring, crimes, diseases and poverty.

We are now seeing the rampant deterioration of all our social, political, economic and religious institutions and desperately need viable and workable solutions: alternatives that are bold, deep and lasting. Some solutions are being proposed by political leaders, and leaders in the economic forum (hard to distinguish between the two), that seemingly generate economic growth and prosperity, but only for very small segments of the population. Why do we pursue economic growth when what we really need is stability and security? The so-called “free market economy Isn’t free at all: we pay dearly for the right to pursue our own self-interests, because we rapidly deplete our non-renewable natural resources, create pollution of our air, water and soil and require the formation of law enforcement agencies and the military to protect our getting for self.

One of the biggest fears expressed by people when the subject of communal living comes up, is the sense of ‘giving up everything we’ve worked hard for all our lives’, but this simply is the farthest thing from what actually happens. What really takes place in the process of communalizing is that each person’s wealth is added unto every other person’s, and a system of management and distribution is set up so that every person’s needs are met. Another bonus is that every person’s meaningful talents and abilities are utilized to their fullest potential: creating wealth, security and freedoms beyond even our greatest imaginings. Each person or nuclear family has a place to call their own, and as well has free access to all things held in common by the group through communally-operated Schools of Experience designed to produce the essential goods and services necessary for comfortable, but not extravagant living. In a communal society - the home, church, school and "work" are all integrated and intertwined. We no longer will live one place, work in another, be educated somewhere else and be close to “God” in yet another.

And what do we do about a person who doesn’t want to participate and contribute his/her share of the basic support? Do we kick ‘em out, threaten them with no place at the table, deny them privileges? This is always a very difficult and sensitive issue to deal with. Perhaps it helps to get a different perspective for a moment. Let’s consider, for example, that, in today’s society, there are many people holding so-called respectable jobs, who seem to be very productive members of society. And yet if we take a closer look we find that what these people are producing is nothing more than superfluous pieces of needless planned obsolescence and Inferior goods and services. In addition, they are using up our precious natural resources, contributing to the waste stream, and polluting our environment in the process. So, these people are certainly going through the motions of being productive members of society but is society really any better off for their contributions, or are we in fact, worse off? Could it be, ironically speaking, that the person who sits around and does absolutely nothing, is not the problem we should be most concerned with, but rather, all those people who go about business as usual motivated only by profit-making, who are unconsciously destroying this beautiful planet, while producing nothing of real value?

In a communal society the person who sits around doing nothing is missing out on all the fun, and is a rare occurrence. The utter joy and deep sense of pleasure generated by a sharing, creative and positive group of people with a purpose, is nearly irresistible.

So instead of coming down on these people we would try to help, love and lift them regardless of what they do, or don’t do. As the old saying goes,” You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.”

The communal form of government is the same as True Democracy: of, by, and for the people. All communal members are equal stewards of the goods and services held in common by the group, and therefore, each person has a vested interest in caring for and maintaining all material things in their highest working order. Such is also true for interpersonal and work relationships. In a true commune there can be no dictator, since no one person has an opportunity to control the others through the acquisition of personal wealth and, therefore, controlling interest and power. This is why, in setting up the initial form and structure, the communal members must be willing to hold all things in common; no one can hold back, creating a weak link in the chain. Naturally, within the group, there will be individuals who excel in their abilities to perform certain fundamental functions, and these people should be encouraged and supported by the greater body. In this way a long-lasting stability can be established, and an atmosphere of learning through experience is created which fosters productivity. Everyone has a talent or talents that are essential to the life of a natural, communal society. Unfortunately, in our present socioeconomic structure, the vast majority of us have not had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of disciplines and have instead, unwillingly in many cases, latched on to a career or job and held on to it merely to survive having to make the best of it.

In a communal structure, the emphasis is on strengthening our common ground through diversity. The more an individual can know and experience the basic functions of a healthy society, the more the person’s awareness of wholism develops, making that society more adaptable and flexible within. So, the communal group must first be willing to hold all of its material things and talents in common, and second, must be willing to organize itself through a shift schedule to ensure the completion of all the necessary functions.

What’s wrong with “buying and selling” anyway? Nothing, if it involves the free marketing of the people’s goods and services using free cash flow money, which we would call FREE Enterprise. Nothing, if it doesn’t allow for a few to rise to the top and gain control of the masses through usury. In order for buying and selling or what we call capitalism, to work, all of the people would have to be spiritually mature and caring towards one another, making sure that no one went hungry, homeless or without medical care. In which case we’d have a society wherein love, trust and caring ruled, rather than greed, selfishness and vanity. So then, who’d need money anyway in such a society? Truly spiritual people cannot serve two masters. It’s either seek after money, or seek the Truth. The two cannot co-exist in the New Age.

There are some very powerful and unseen forces at work that would have us fail, if they go unrecognized. They are forces, unconscious reflexes that are ingrained in each and every one of us. They are called Lethargy, Complacency, and Avoidance. We submit to the effects of these forces when we believe that we, as individuals, have no power to change our present course. Many of us grew up with the philosophy of “going with the flow”. To many of us, this philosophy resulted in a sense of futility, believing that “what will be, will be”. Many of us came away from the 60’s and 70’s without much of a backbone. We believed that our message of “Peace and Love” alone would be enough to put the world straight. It all seemed as though it would be virtually effortless, as if “going with the flow” could miraculously heal all our ills.

“Business as usual” will never be the same again! Life as we know it is changing radically and rapidly. We can forget about prosperity and affluence, as well as economic growth, and concern ourselves with basic survival. At this point in history all economic growth comes to a standstill, and then go into a tailspin, a descending spiral, as all remaining resources and money are diverted in efforts to overcome widespread hunger, disease and violence: the negative effects of our wrong causes.

At last, the behaviors that are responsible for destroying our planet are destroying themselves. Why is the capitalist economy failing? The answer is very simple! Economic growth is limited by the availability of natural resources: timber, fishing, minerals and ores, fertile soil, breathable air, drinkable water, etc. We’ve managed to deplete most of our resources, and put the others in serious degeneration, including our own health. We’re like a yeast culture in a Petri dish, given limited food and water in a confined space. Consumption and reproduction continue to the point of saturation and then all life in this closed environment ceases. This is exactly what is happening to our Earth, the ‘consumers” for the most part, only take and do not give back anything but waste products and pollution.

Our ONLY hope for Global Survival as a race is sharing and co-operation. It will be foolish at best to resist this idea whose time has come. It’s time to wake up and deal with reality, to put our priorities in order, to embrace Spiritual Maturity and abandon this pagan worship of materialism. We’ve allowed ourselves to become absolutely dependent on the economic machine and if it collapses, or rather WHEN it collapses, we’re left out in the cold, blaming Washington, or the Chinese or whomever, for their failure to look out for us. If we’re going to place any blame at all, let’s own up to our own inadequacies. We’ve become addicted to convenience, leisure, opulence and complacency; willing victims of our own greed and selfishness. The big squeeze is on, and there will be widespread despair and helplessness unless we begin NOW to institute a communal society.

Let’s dare to be BOLD! Let’s go all the way, overcoming our lethargy, fear, complacency and the notion that we are meant to live as little independent individuals who are expected to succeed in life without anyone’s help.

Such words as “community,” “communion” and communal” are from the same root meaning: “a coming together” or “holding all things common.” Jesus was truly a radical revolutionary in his time, as he would be today. So-called Christians today fall short of living by his teachings, but continue to give “lip service” to his name. He was not a man who was afraid to speak the Truth, who avoided controversies or who feared the establishment’s persecution. He did not chase after affluence, material self-gain, as did the society of his day, as does ours today. He called for an equitable distribution of wealth “according to need.” He did not promote the “buying and selling” of “our daily bread” but rather than we “forgive our debtors.” These teachings represent the very foundation of True Christianity which is True Communal Living, the total sharing of the Earth’s bounty, the requirements necessary for coming into the long prophesied Heaven on Earth, or the New Age.

Truth is Truth no matter who is speaking it. Truth IS, even when it is unspoken. Truth does not change from moment to moment, from day to day, from generation to generation. Truth is absolute and always relates to the One. Truth is Truth for all time, for all things. Truth is the only thing that can set us ALL free. Truth eliminates racial, political, religious boundaries and brings us ALL into the Oneness. In truth, we have never been apart from Oneness. Truth is simple! Truth is fair and just! Truth is healing and comforting and edifying. Holding All Things Common is the Truth, when lived by, that sets us all free!

In describing the structure of a communal society there’s not a whole lot to be said. Communal groups will take on many shapes and sizes. They’ll all be quite different because the people that form them are different. But the essential backbone of each group is the same, because they all strive to become the producers and consumers of their daily needs and freely share in such endeavors without ever exchanging money amongst themselves. They do not oppose the present economic system but rather add unto it, bringing it into the fulfillment, opening doors through which all people who choose to do so may pass into a land flowing with milk and honey.

***** ***** *****
“And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that aught (none) of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common. And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all. Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold, and laid them down at the apostles’ feet; and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.” Acts 4:32-35