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Our Current Situation - November 2014

This is a spiritual community for generous people who enjoy gardening, heating with wood, cooking and storing simple, delicious vegetarian food and living lightly on the land. We live with a sense of familial cooperation which provides us with opportunities to feel the joy of being in service. We are integrated into the "main stream" in order to serve as a visible, living model of how “sharing” creates prosperity, health and a sense of meaning and purpose.
The Full Circle Family Community/Church is established as a religious charity but is not your typical, institutional form of Church. We base our lives on Jesus’ teachings found in ‘A Course in Miracles’ and the New Testament. We share housing, vehicles and all “things” in common (Acts 4:32-35). The daily actions of growing, storing and preparing food, and all the other simple practices of living are how we demonstrate the highest spiritual teachings of love, through serving those in need. We do our best to live lightly on the Earth, in harmony with all of Creation.

As of this writing, November 1, 2014, we are living in our renovated 1875 farmhouse (LINK) on the edge of rural Monroe, Oregon (population 680). The farmhouse is on 3.5 acres of fertile land that The Full Circle Family purchased in March, 2014. The land has been home to the Sharing Gardens since February 2010 but we have only recently relocated to live on the property.

Currently we are a strong and capable community of two. We would like to share this beautiful situation with others like us. Presently we have room for one or two more people. We would prefer to find a younger, committed couple without children; people interested in living in a manner congruent with Jesus' teachings.

Our way of life demonstrates how 'sharing' creates abundance, peace and health. 

Sharing Gardens - 2012
The Sharing Garden is an award-winning project that demonstrates how “sharing” creates abundance. Founders Chris and Llyn direct volunteers in basic organic gardening practices to grow large volumes of food that is shared amongst participants . The significant excess from the garden is donated to people in need through local charities. (over 6,200 pounds in 2012 -- the last year we counted). No one is ever charged money for the food that is grown. We save almost 100% of our own seed and grow all our own "starts", at least half of which are distributed to other community gardens and people in our surrounding community. Our Sharing Gardens website provides practical, innovative information on organic gardening and is visited by people from all over the world (over 130,000 visits as of this writing). (Sharing Gardens site)

In the summer of 2013, the Sharing Gardens land was made available to us at an affordable price. Aside from the 3-bedroom farmhouse, there are two good-sized outbuildings and two greenhouses (with plans for a third already forming). We are so excited to finally be living on the same land as the gardens! The land has a deep, strong well that produces over 40-gallons/minute of delicious water. We've already planted 40 fruit trees (apples, plums and pears) and about the same number of blueberry bushes. We're also going to plant figs, grapes and hazelnuts. Our capacity to grow nutritious and delicious organic produce for ourselves, and to share with others, will be greatly increased.

We are feeling excited about how things are unfolding. As the economy has stalled and many people are faced with few prospects for meeting their most basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, the Full Circle Family's vision for sharing 'all things', being in service to each other and the larger community while living more lightly on the planet seem more relevant than ever.
Are you ready to plug in to a project and community that truly align with Natural Laws and a Universal/Spiritual form of economy that delivers Health and Prosperity, Abundance and Inner Peace? Can you imagine living with others who ‘Give’ without any need for accounting, without any concern for a personal reward? Do you realize how much this “me first” world hungers for a model that demonstrates the healing power of Generosity? If you do, then maybe you are ready to join with us in laying the foundation for this emerging world!
If you feel inspired by what you read here, please take the time to follow the side-bar links (right-hand side of the site), especially:

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You'll also want to spend some time on our other sites:

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If, after familiarizing yourself with our sites you feel resonant with our vision, please send us an email telling us about yourself  (email address to your right, in sidebar). Let us know the ways that you feel resonant with our lifestyle and vision, tell us about the skills and attitudes you'd bring with you (why would we want to live with you?) and ask any questions that still need answering. We are excited about growing our community to the next level. Chris Burns and Llyn Peabody

Less consumption,
more abundance - 
through sharing.

Come join us in the garden!

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